This is Part 4 of the Texas Drone Journey series. 

There sure is a lot of Texas between us here in Central Texas and West Texas. We spent the last week in the West Texas and Panhandle regions working on a few projects, including, our drone film about Texas. We wanted to focus on Monahans Sandhills and Palo Duro Canyon and any unique scenery that we found throughout the backroads. We have a treat in today’s drone journey series blog, a short video montage below of some of the shots we got at these amazing places!

We originally set out to make a drone film about Texas with the intention to enter it into a few drone film festivals. Many of these film festivals have limits on how long the films can be, and most of them are under 5 minutes. We have shot so much footage during these trips, that we are looking into the possibility of turning this into something much bigger than just a short drone film. We have some great drone & ground footage, time lapses, interviews, actions shots and when you add all of this up, it’s clear that we have the footage and story needed to make a longer film.

We will continue our journey across Texas later this week to wrap up the footage needed for our Texas drone film. We will be venturing back out into West Texas, this time into Big Bend Country. We plan to have our short film finished with production by the end of July and released early August.

*Be sure to press HD on video above. Video above is 4k footage compressed down to 1080 and is best viewed in 1080 HD.*