We have received many requests for our services at weddings but we have yet to really take a nose dive into weddings. This is mainly because it wasn’t our specialty nor was it an industry that we thought we would be serving when we started Lyft Aerial. Since we have received so many requests, we have quietly been working with some great wedding vendors, venues, and couples over the last few months in order to figure out the best ways to utilize drones and our other services.

We are proud to announce that we are ready to take on any size wedding event. We offer drone engagement photos and video, day of event drone photos and video, video slideshows and complete wedding video productions where we will have cameras on the ground and drones in the air to capture every special moment. We can produce a wonderful wedding video from the proposal to the altar. Our crew is professional, courteous and sensitive to how significant your wedding truly is.

Your wedding is a special moment to remember and cherish. Make sure you can revisit that wonderful moment for the rest of your days. Share it with friends and family in the blink of an eye by sending the digital version we make available to you. Your wedding deserves to have the highest quality video production. Don’t let you’re wedding pass you by. Have something to remember it by!

We are offering great specials on our day of event video production and video slideshows. Check out an example of a video slideshow below: