This is Part 2 of the Texas Drone Journey series. 

Wow! What an experience Caddo Lake is. Over the last month, we have been traveling the great state of Texas with our drones trying to find unique landscapes of Texas. We found a winner with Caddo Lake. Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas and is only 6-12 feet deep at all times. After checking out a few pictures of the lake online, we knew we had to visit in person with our drones. Brandi and I embarked on the journey to Caddo Lake last weekend with only our tent and gear. We wind up rolling into Caddo Lake State Park late in the night and pitched our tent without being able to see much around us. Little did we know the surprise waiting for us in the morning. When we woke, we realized that we were no further than 150 feet water. We franticly threw all of our gear in the car and headed towards the water. Check out some of the photos Brandi snapped of our DJI Inspire flying that morning.

Caddo Lake is like no other place I have ever been. There were so many trees in the water and the early morning fog made for some great footage. Once we finished flying two batteries, we headed to a marina to rent a boat. Little did we know that Uncertain, Texas is a ghost town. Everything was shut down but one boat rental store. Come to find out, they only had two boats with a motor and both had already been rented. After driving 6 hours to capture Caddo Lake footage, we weren’t going to be denied. We wound up renting a boat without a motor and PADDLED. All in all we spent about 5 hours on the lake, taking off from the boat and landing on the boat. We captured some great shots for our film and had a lot of fun with the locals, who of course had never seen a drone.

Follow along with us on our journey. You can read about the next leg our of trip here.

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