This is part 1 of the Texas Drone Series.

Hello everyone! The guys at Lyft Aerial have been planning a journey throughout the Lone Star State for the past few months and the time has arrived for us to begin the epic drone journey! Once we are finished with this journey, we hope to have We had originally planned to start off the trip with a 4 day trip of West Texas. We were heading South to Garner State Park, then down to Big Bend, and back north to the panhandle. Going on this trip was Josh and I. Kevin had to stay back to finish a project and was planning to meet up with us at a later stage of the trip. Josh and I left around 5 in the morning stopping along the way to capture the sunrise through a sweet valley. After about 5 hours of driving, we arrived at Garner State Park. This is the first time that either of us have ever been. It is too cool! There were people everywhere. We are going about this film with the idea of capturing very few humans. We are wanting to show the natural beauty of Texas. So Josh and I hiked to a more secluded area and starting prepping our drone for lift off. Within minutes, our DJI Inspire was up in the air flying feet from the famous Old Baldy Mountain. Being from Central Texas, the terrain around Garner State Park was nuts. Mountains and hills were in every direction. We finished up at Garner State Park and started hearing towards our next stop. We decided that we would pull over if we see anything unique that we would like to film and had been doing this the entire day thus far. Well, we find a beautiful creek that is completely shaded by trees that we had to film. We pull over and Josh gets the drone ready to fly. Everything is going fine and we capture the footage we set out to get. On the return flight home, our inspire barely nips a tiny branch and down goes our bird. It landed directly on the camera and snapped the gimbal. Talk about instant devastation. We had been incident free with our drones for months and we happen to crash one of our newly acquired drones on the first day of our West Texas trip. Other than the Inspire, we had brought a Phantom with us but we did not want to continue our trip with just the Phantom. On top of that, we had a 3 day gig right when we were supposed to return from our trip that would require a few Inspires so we decided it was best for us to return back to HQ and postpone the rest of the trip. We will surely find time over the next month or two to make this trip happen again.

To be continued…

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